goal is to provide clients with all information necessary to make qualified real estate lending, purchase, development, management and lease decisions"

John G. Parkes, AACI

Firm Overview

Parkes & Company Appraisals Ltd. is an independent commercial real estate appraisal firm founded in Vancouver, British Columbia in April 1989. Parkes & Company offers a comprehensive range of appraisal and legal support services to clients in the real estate and financial sectors. The experience and background of the principals and staff ensure that Parkes & Company provides the most up-to-date and qualified advice on all types of property appraisals. The firm also provides legal support services relating to property assessment appeals, arbitration, litigation, insurance and expropriation purposes. As well, we provide feasibility studies, market research and replacement cost insurance valuations.

Property valuation is a complex process requiring professional experience and judgment based on a detailed understanding of the mechanics of the various facets of the commercial real estate market and an ability to correctly interpret property market indicators. Our experience in appraising a wide range of projects enables us to provide our clients withthe best appraisal and legal related advice available.

Combining Technology With Experience

Parkes & Company is uniquely positioned in the real estate appraisal profession. With extensive experience throughoutCanada, combined with our commitment to remain independent of other members of the real estate industry, we offer clients confidentiality, unbiased advice and the latest in technological database management and research techniques. 

We have completed various assignments in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, the Maritimes  and Washington State, and possess in-depth knowledge of other Canadian and international markets. We are also familiar with and understand the local real estate market. This provides the basis for an open-minded approach to the changes that are occurring in the appraisal profession. We have adopted uniform standardization of our appraisal product and comply with Canadian Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (CUSPAP), and the ethics and standards of the Appraisal Institute of Canada.We also tailor reports to our clients' specifications and keep abreast of the latest market research and on-line database systems, so that our clients are provided with the most comprehensive and thorough market research and reports available.

It is our goal at Parkes & Company to provide clients with all information necessary to make qualified real estate lending, purchase, development, management and lease decisions.

A Closer Look

Parkes & Company is uniquely positioned in the commercial real estate appraisal profession as the company has built its reputation largely on venturing off-the-beaten-path.  In the inaugural year of the company, John Parkes decided to pursue appraisal assignments from institutional property owners.  These life and pension fund companies are typically involved with properties such as office towers, large industrial projects and regional shopping centers. 

The success of the company is largely due to the type of report that Parkes & Company produces. In a word, they are thorough, and are well respected within the lending community.   This is also the reason we are the preferred company to appraise unique properties such as: large rural development sites, mini storage complexes, marinas and golf courses. 

In the area of assessment appeals John has charted new territory currently having more precedent setting Board decisions in his favour than any other agent in the province. The combination of having a very strong appraisal background and years of experience on how to win appeals at the board level has put him in a unique position within the industry. 

Both the appraisal and assessment appeal aspects of the business has placed Parkes & Company in a position where it is well qualified to provide a wide range of consultation services such as: lease negotiations, expert witness testimony, expropriations, market studies and arbitrations. 

It is this unique positioning in the market place that has provided the right solutions to the most difficult circumstances faced by those who own or lease real estate of any size.